New Album: Intensity!

2017-06-08 01:52:51 by CreatorHappy

I FINALLY finished my new album: Intensity! Hope you enjoy it!


My album is in my SoundCloud, links should be to the left if you are on . :D


Thanks for listening to my music! 

Best song personally!

2017-06-06 20:29:23 by CreatorHappy

Hello Everyone!

Today, I made, probably the best song by me. The song will be released on Newgrounds soon. :D Be ready.


It is my fourth song to my new Album... My new album may be released today or tomorrow! :O

Thanks for Reading! :3

New Program, New song!

2017-06-02 20:11:13 by CreatorHappy


I switched software for making music because the last one wanted me to buy their premium service so much, maybe you shouldn't do that, Soundtrap!

So, I switched to a new one, LoopLabs. This one is easier and better, along with more loops to make songs with!

Let's just hope they don't tell me to get their premium service....


Anyways, new song out, my first song of the new album: Intensity! Enjoy!

HAPPY Album! :D

2017-06-02 18:32:59 by CreatorHappy


I FINALLY finished my new album, Happy!

My last song, is Video Techon 2: Revived, a collaboration by RemixMelody!


Thanks for listening to my music! :D

First collaboration!

2017-04-09 00:33:27 by CreatorHappy

Hey guys!

I am working on my first collaboration... It will be awesome!

Unfortuneately, I won't tell you what it is going to be called, but i'll give you a sneak peek! :D


Stay lit, lol.

Recent News!

2017-03-24 22:24:44 by CreatorHappy


I have made 3 songs in under a DAY. This music is really easy to make. One day, I will make a LONG song. Hopefully Newgrounds won't think I am just grabbing unpopular music, because I am making music in under an hour.

Also, I make music with an online music editor, which makes music REALLY easy to make.

Thanks for listening to my music :D

New account!

2017-03-24 02:27:42 by CreatorHappy


This is my new Newgrounds account, which where I will upload remixes from other songs. Be sure to check them out! :D thanks!